Thursday, January 14, 2010

a work in progress and more things to do

This is a project I've been working on, casually, for the last month or so.  I had bought all these 1/4-yard cuts of Anna Maria Horner's Garden Party line, and had NO IDEA how to use them.  Big-pieced diamond quilts have always beckoned, and in the end I went with a six-point star from a 60-degree diamonds.  I've pieced 18 of them, and would like to boast a little about my seam intersections:

So marking the 1/4" at each point really does pay off!  (Also: starch before cutting.  Really.  I use Mary Ellen's Best Press.)  I am going to set the stars against kind of a spice brown... like cinnamon I think.  And although I am happy with my point intersections, I am considering appliqueing a hexagon of a different print in the center of each star.  It'll give it more of a flower look, but it's a design element I won't be able to decide on until I get the whole thing assembled.

So far, January has been light on sewing.  I started the new year with a stomach virus and have been slow to regain momentum.  Ack!  I'm just not as motivated right now...

On the 'develop more varied ways of spending free time in 2010' list:
-become a wizard at bread-baking (two recipes completed with success, including one from Angry Chicken!)
-learn to crochet so I can make something like this
-dye fabric more, and better, the Malka way
-I reeeeeally want to start screenprinting my own fabric but have never enjoyed the process enough to become good at it (or perhaps the other way around) SO:
-either learn to love it or collaborate with someone who does already

Tonight is the season premier of Project Runway!  I can get my sewing fix without getting my fabric out!!


  1. Can I just saw WOW!!!!
    So nice to see you!

  2. You definitely have every right to boast about those seam intersections -- absolutely perfect! You are making my head swim with ideas. I've been wanting to do something with diamonds and am always looking for patterns that work well with large scale prints (which I love). I can't wait to see more of your quilt project! Oh, and I'm going to try starching before I cut. Great idea.


  3. Beautifully and skillfully done!

    Hope you feel all better soon and "Yay" for a new season of Project Runway!!

  4. Hi! You are an EXPERT!!!!

    (I'm glad you like my soup recipe! Care to share your thyme bisuit recipe with me??)

  5. Ummmmmm....WOW! Your seam intersections put mine to SHAME. However I'm impatient and since no one's going to see the backside of the quilt top once it's done.... ;)