Thursday, January 7, 2010

slippers for Anne

Anne and I became best friends in first grade. When my family moved to Nashville from Portland after I finished 3rd grade, she and I kept in touch by mail. (We were voracious letter-writers.) Her mom is responsible for teaching us to sew, which I wrote about here.

This was my Christmas gift to Anne. It was mailed to her after Christmas, which by now is just keeping with tradition. I am always, ALWAYS late with her gifts. Anne has been a lover of turtles for many years, and her family always has several turtle pets. That is why I chose the exterior fabric. The lining was hand-dyed by yours truly several years ago.

This is the fourth pair of these babies I've made, and it is a little hard to part with them each time! They're so cute and make the best gift. I'm just a little bit ready to make something else, so I think I'll retire this pattern for a while and focus my energy elsewhere. Read my pattern review here!


  1. So delightful! I live in Nashville and we truly have a fabulous fabric store here. I am going to order this pattern and try these.

  2. so cute!!! I really love the slipper!

  3. So cute! I've seen the pattern for these for babies, but I didn't know they made them for adults. I will have to check it out now, the ones you've made are really sweet.