Thursday, February 11, 2010

voile, vintage, and Value World

Look!  I finally took a photograph of the dress that won't sew itself!  This is my rendition of McCall's 5845 in Anna Maria Horner's Little Folks voile.  Back view:


 There are several things to note about this pattern.  First, the dress is supposed to have exterior darts.  This was kind of a neat detail, but didn't suit the vintage/classic feel I was getting from the fabric.  It's fully lined (skirt shown unlined) and because of this, the garment contains a total of 28 darts.  TWENTY-EIGHT.  Next time, I will find a faster way to mark them, because something tells me I took the long route.  

The reason the dress is still separated at the waist is this: I sewed the skirt sides together without fitting it first.  Same goes for the lining.  Then I trimmed the frayed bits from the seam allowances, and only then did I think to try it on...  And you know what?  I have a little too much real estate to cram into that skirt.  Now I am avoiding the most horrifying part: figuring out whether I can just let out the seams, or if I must reconstruct half of the dress.  Damn.  It.

My goal is to have it finished by my birthday at the end of the month.  It'd be fun to dress up in something I made!

If I make this dress again, I think I'll use a heavier-weight fabric, forego the lining and just finish the seams.  Lining is a nice idea, and the sheerness of the voile really necessitated it, but making a lining really means putting two dresses-worth of work into one garment.  No thanks.  I'd rather have two dresses.

Last Monday Abbey and I made a trip to Indianapolis, our closest major city, for a day of mall commerce and thrift store bargains!  One Value World (née Village) had an amazing selection of vintage patterns, and I chose just five to be my very own:

Only $0.49 each!  See the one in the center?  Before finding that pattern, I bought a dress cut just like it at H&M for $15.  Perhaps I'll finish one project before beginning the next, huh?

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