Thursday, March 18, 2010

for those about to draw, we salute you!

It seems like every cell in my body is aware of spring's arrival.  All of the old-time Bloomington folks I know keep saying it could snow again, that March in Indiana is tempestuous.  I choose not to believe them, siding instead with this, the tiny surprise I found next to where I park my car:

Though I've been slacking in blogland, I have been sewing at a frenzied pace in preparation for the upcoming Bloomington Handmade Market!  It is held twice yearly, and this is my first time as a vendor.  Actually, it's my first craft show.  I'm kind of nervous and very hyped!  Jessica and I formed a little sewing operation called Owlette, and we are focusing on cute things for little ones and their parents.

She holds a degree in fashion design and already had a number of patterns drafted for different sizes.  What luck!  Jessica and I both grew up sewing, and if I remember right, sewing is what got us talking in the first place.  I think I approached her at Food Not Bombs, having heard she was a seamster, and suggested we sew together.  That was almost six years ago, and since then, I taught her to make quilts and she taught me to make clothing.  (Well, we are both still learning.)

I just completed a set of crayon rolls to sell at the Handmade Market.  I bought a set of crayons in order to figure out the measurements, and had to remind myself I don't need the 120-pack.  Grade-school habits die hard, I guess.

My heart leapt when I opened the box--the smell of new crayons!  So much promise in that box: no broken ones yet, no peeled-back paper, no duplicates or vacant spaces as a result of mandatory sharing with imprudent classmates.  Yes, I was the kid who hoarded their art supplies.

And I would've been very, very into these! It combines two loves: crayons and organization!  Each one holds 16, and rolls up for easy travel.

Some are print-on-print and some are linen with a cotton print as the pocket.  Linen, I love you!

I actually made two of the circuit board print.  For one, I like it, but it also seems like kids these days are born with a sixth sense called technology.  It's a wonder to watch!

Linen, cotton applique, and jute.  I used the green, leafy print to back a quilt for Oliver, as seen here.

Early on I decided to stay away from too many heavily gendered color and print choices.  When I was little, my favorite color was blue because every other girl seemed to favor pink.

Here is my favorite, featuring linen and a Heather Ross horse print.  I think the jute really adds to the whole 'giddyup' feel, don't you?  This one is a nod to my past as a Horse Girl.  My cousin owned a horse named Dolly, which she bought with her own money that she told her parents she was saving for a car.  Instead, she brought home a mare and I loved her for it!

I made all the crayon rolls I can stand and am now moving on to greener pastures; namely, market bags.  How do I know how much of one item to take along to a craft show?  That's what has really got me, and I don't think there is a definitive answer.


  1. Well I can't answer the question of how many items to take to a market, but what an exciting prospect, first time as a vendor! I'm sure you'll do well, I love your prints and color combos :-)

  2. The crayon roll ups are fantastic! Really great fabric combinations... I am sure they will sell like hot cakes. (And yes... the smell of new crayons... totally intoxicating!) Have fun at your craft show, I'm sure you'll do fab!

  3. cute crayon rolls! the fabrics you chose are perfect for them!