Monday, April 5, 2010

chaos week is over!

I tabled at my first ever craft show on Saturday, and now I can sleep in and sew for fun if I want to.  Amazing!  You may already know that I started a little sewing business with my gal Jessica.  We call it Owlette.  At the very last minute, we decided to participate in the Spring Bloomington Handmade Market, and spent the last month sewing and minding the details.  Jessica, being uber-pregnant, could not make the trip up from Tennessee and so I enlisted Steven, the manfriend, to help.

We had a corner spot!  Being the first booth as you entered one of the rooms kind of made official greeters out of me and Geek Soap, the table across the way.  Our banner, above, I finished at 1:00a the day of the show.  Slept a little, dreamed about fabric (not kidding), woke up and loaded the car.

Sorry the photos are blurry--that's what I get for not using the flash!  Here's our booth.  Steven is very proud of the display he engineered, which was built from about $20 in materials.  In planning this structure we did not consider how we would transport something that is 4 feet wide by 4 feet tall, and ended up strapping it into the trunk with the arms sticking out.  The venue was maybe two blocks from our house, so it wasn't a problem, but we'll have to rework the design for future tabling ventures!

Jessica's screenprinted bloomers are so cute!  A lot of ladies joked that they'd like a pair in their size.  I am a fan of bloomers for all ages, and believe they are on to something.

Here is my happy-delirious face.  Everything came together well, and I am still surprised.  I have tabled before when I operated my own zine distro, at huge indy book fairs when I worked for a small publisher, and more recently, at quilt shows large and small.  So standing behind a table, exchanging goods for money is nothing new; it's just far more nerve-racking when the thing you are selling is so close to your heart!

Do any of you table at craft shows, or do you have plans to?  What have you gathered from your experience, or what would you like to know?  I feel as though I was miraculously well-prepared, though I also learned an awful lot too.

In case you can't get enough, read the Owlette interview over on the Bloomington Handmade Market blog!


  1. Hi, Britt. Thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog. I love your Owlette banner :). I'll head over to read the interview now.

  2. I didn't know you used to run a zine distro! So did I!

    Now that I'm recovering I wanna sew. I will be in touch!

    Your booth looked great, BTW. I'm so glad you participated!

  3. wow, those are all wonderful! I am really interested in doing a craft fair someday...maybe this fall.

  4. Nicole: We should definitely sew together! Hit me up! Funny that the zine and sewing world have such overlap. Do you know of any good sewing zines? I haven't seen any that really go into detail...

  5. Great set up and cute banner! I use to do outdoor craft shows on a regular basis, but after awhile I experienced burnout... maybe again someday. Things I remember... Along with having lots of cute vintage table linens for table coverings, and interesting display racks/objects, I also liked to have plenty of change, good wrapping items, tape, scissors, drinking water, (for me) business cards, mailing list sign in book, and of course lots of inventory!

    Hope you have continued craft show success!