Tuesday, May 18, 2010

I've been blogged!

Remember this?  It's the picnic quilt I made from a Botany layer cake and a little solid yardage.  I wrote of it when it was still 'in-progress', meaning I had not accepted that it was, and would remain, imperfectly quilted and bound.  After all, it is the canvas for many years' worth of potato salad stains!

Well, I contacted Lauren Jung (half of Botany's talented mother-daughter design team) via her blog, and was happy to learn she wanted to share photos of my work on her blog!  Good news, huh? 

You can check out the very kind post (with more photos) here.  Thanks, Lauren! 

Pictured above: the Botany picnic quilt, two picnic placemats made from Botany and a linen/rayon blend, and me in my version of Simplicity 2443... pattern review coming soon!

Have you all made anything with Botany?  I keep finding more and more things it'd be great for.  Now I am thinking summer garments--Moda fabric drapes so well for a 'quilting-weight' cotton!


  1. Love the photo of you on your quilt. Very artfully done.

  2. That is so lovely! I adore a good quilt and a picnic!!

  3. Congrats on being blogged! This is my first time visiting your site....very fun!