Sunday, July 11, 2010

recently hatched

I finished my gathered clutch!  It's been done for a couple weeks, actually, but I am not the swiftest photographer.  I used a cream-on-navy chickie linen for the body, a gold egg/oval print for the accent and lining, and a yellow ticking for the pockets and divider.  See:

I like how it turned out!  I added a loop with a D-ring so I could detach the wrist strap, rather than sewing it into the side seam.  When Steven and I visited Knoxville recently, I used it rather than lugging around my shoulder bag.  Do you notice that the bigger your bag is, the more stuff you need to carry along?  Ack!

This was my first experience with zipper tabs and with inserting a zipper between two layers like this.  Because I was sewing blind, I worried I wasn't catching the zipper tape or was too far from the teeth.  I didn't think about the fact that you want the tape to show, so your top boxes properly!

For accuracy, I pinned the heck out of my three layers, and with a water-soluble pen, marked the ditch right beside the zipper teeth so I had a straight line to follow.

You can find the easy-to-follow free pattern here, and an expanded version here, for $6.  Thanks, Anna, for such a lovely pattern!


  1. that turned out so cute, love that little chick fabric, too cute!

  2. Thank you! It was fun to make. I got the chick fabric at Bolt in Portland, OR... Portlanders have access to some great fabric for sure!