Monday, August 9, 2010

Knox County USA

It's official, I live in Knoxville now!  Moving from state to state is such a lot of work.  Steven and I first drove our little convoy (he in the 16' truck with my little car hitched to the back, and me following in his car) from Bloomington, IN to Dayton, OH to pick up furniture from his grandmother.  We got some great stuff, including a china cabinet that currently houses all of my quilts!  

The next day, we made the 6-hour drive down to Knoxville.  The last 30 minutes or so were absolutely white-knuckle driving as we crested the hills of East Tennessee.  But we made it to our destination, the bottom floor of this house:

We have a lot more space in the new house.  I have a little room dedicated to sewing, and our kitchen is large enough for two people to cook together!  Our yard is enormous (compared to our non-yard at the old place), and we are as close to downtown as one can be while still living in a neighborhood.

On Friday, we packed up the car for a week in Nashville.  As you can see above, I took only the essentials for a week of sewing with my mom.  We've accomplished a lot so far--more on that later!

My car, which was in tow, was completely full of plants.  They all survived the move, but will they survive my being gone for a week?  I guess we'll find out soon!


  1. Yay for a successful move! The picture of your new house look beautiful.

  2. How exciting! Your new place looks really cool! I love old houses.
    And way to keep those plants alive! I don't know how I'll do the same if I ever have to move... ;)