Saturday, September 18, 2010

Indie Craft Parade roundup

Oh boy, what a weekend!  Last weekend, I mean.  I am happy to report the Indie Craft Parade was a huge success!  It was held in Huguenot Mill, a renovated old textile mill in downtown Greenville, SC.  The space was beautiful:

[the view across from our booth]

The event lasted two days, with the first day being a 3-hour evening event featuring a live performance from Jessica's husband.  Everyone was incredibly stoked, and we were told there was a line wrapping around the block to get in!  The second day was the standard 9-5, and again people lined up for much of the day, this time in the rain. 

Early on during day 2 we ran out of business cards (thanks Aaron for making more!) and sold out of our bear cub bonnets.  We received a lot of good feedback and over a dozen requests for screenprinted bloomers in adult sizes.  (Hello Panther By Hand!  Next time we should take your business cards along.)

The booth to our left was Third Girl Studio, also known as Holly Mitchell.  We couldn't have asked for a nicer neighbor!  At the end of the event, we took home this little toadstool buddy made from recycled and found materials by Holly.  How cute!

Before the Indie Craft Parade, I traveled to Nashville so Jessica and I could get some work done together, in the same time zone, in the same city, in the same room even.  It's much more efficient that way. 

By the time I made it back to Knoxville last night, I had spent at least 22 hours traveling 1,280 miles in a car.  Much of the time, I was accompanied in the back seat by my four-month-old friend Elvie:

Life is both quieter and less cute without her around. 

Other vendors of note who you may enjoy:


  1. so glad to hear the details and thanks for the shout out! reading this is making me excited to get back into doing fairs occasionally -- they're so much work, but can be so enjoyable (as this one seems to have been). sewing is such a solitary endeavor, that it's nice to spend a whole weekend out in the open, with other like minded folks, after all those hours of being chained to your machine.

  2. oh, and your booth looks totally charming!