Thursday, September 9, 2010

sewing for fun and profit

The Indie Craft Parade is tomorrow in Greenville, South Carolina.  Jessica and I have sewn much and slept little the last few days, and tonight will be no different!

The blankets have been tea dyed, serged, turned and edgestitched.

The skirts are all hemmed and ready to go.

The bibs are ready too, with the exception of about ten which still require snaps.

The bloomers are screenprinted and assembled, right down to the elastic which I wasn't sure we would finish!

The crayon rolls are filled with crayons and ready to be rolled up!  And now...

The bear bonnets just need a binding to enclose the seam and create ties on either side...

The quick change diaper wallets need snaps, which Jessica is installing this very minute...

...and the vests need buttons and buttonholes.  And that is it!  Aside from inventory, and pricing everything, and packing, and... you know how it goes.  Any suggestions on what we should bring?  Any bets on what we'll forget?

Wish us luck; we're nervous!  Anything we don't sell will be available in the shop next week or so.


  1. i've often forgotten: extra pens, a notebook for a mailing list, safety pins (because you never know) and healthier snacks than what may be around. i also love clothes pins and twine for random display disasters.

    everything looks great -- good luck!

  2. just found you via.. flickr... soo glad i did!! xx

  3. I'm so glad that I found your blog after searching all the lovely vendors from icp. Did your boy vest sell? Maybe I will get it for my son after all.

  4. Amy: Thanks for the advice! I actually brought three kinds of tape, but didn't have enough business cards. Hmm. I have some booth questions to email you soon!

  5. Jenn: I responded to your comment via email, but I wanted to comment here too in case you checked back! We sold the two smaller vests and have one size 5 left, but we'll be making more in the following weeks. If you are looking for a specific size or color, let me know and we can work something out! Thanks for coming to the Indie Craft Parade; I hope you enjoyed it!

  6. yes, yes, let's be in touch -- i am always into chatting about these things. i would love to hear about how the fair went and talk about the upcoming show (glad you'll be in town for that)!