Sunday, November 14, 2010

Bloomington Handmade Market roundup

Hello all!  We survived the Bloomington Handmade Market, but barely!  Half of the caravan (myself and Elvie) had a serious case of the sniffles, so there were two babies on the trip instead of just one.  We had a gigantic table for our booth, which was exciting after trying to cram Owlette into a 4' space at the Indie Craft Parade.  Lesson learned.

You know, I am always amazed and humbled by the positive response we receive at shows like these.  I suppose when you spend all your time romancing a sewing machine, it's hard to know whether your work is a niche within a niche, or if it has mass appeal.  Thanks to everyone who stopped by our booth, awww!'ed the bonnets, and supported us with kind words or dollars!

Some favorite vendors from Bloomington:
  • Orange Fuzz, my new favorite soapmakers!  Check out their shaving kit.  I bought one as a Christmas gift for my other half, but was so excited about it I gave it to him yesterday!  Oops.
  • Clutches and other pretties from Felix & Jayne: her bags are made of vinyl with big, bright zippers, screenprints, and couched yarn!  You really must have a look.
  • Beautiful (and affordable) metal jewelry from Courtney Fischer, whose work reminds me why I love abandoned buildings and metal scrapyards so much.
  • And of course, Panther By Hand: for those who love colorful unders for grown-ups and breakfast imagery for their home!
We also had a chance to visit Paper Crane Gallery.  It's part art gallery, part handmade boutique (I have an aversion to that word but heck), part community workspace/resource.  When in Bloomington, be sure to check it out!

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  1. Hi Britt, I enjoyed looking at your work and reading your blog. I did the reverse of you---I'm from Indianapolis originally, and moved to Bend, Oregon (about three hours southeast of PDX), three years ago. It's fun to read about indie crafting in the midwest!