Wednesday, January 5, 2011

excuses & eye candy for you!

Hello Friends!  It's been a while, hasn't it?  I have excuses of course: for the first half of December, I was on a road trip of sorts, from Knoxville through Indiana and Ohio, to Pittsburgh and rural Pennsylvania, on to New York City and then back to Nashville for the holidays!  Also, my computer died.  I wanted to do another Year in Sewing post but every blasted photo I have is on that hard drive.

Well, I'm tired of being a deadbeat blogger so here is a quilt my mom and I made together!  I pieced it and she quilted it.  Please disregard the fact that it's hung upside down.

The fabric and pattern are by Tula Pink, from her line Plume.  I pieced the top as a sample for the quilt shop when I worked there, and once it aged out I got to take it home.  Oh, how I miss the perks of working there!

My mom quilted this with irregular vertical lines and haphazardly-placed patches of horizontal crosshatching.  It's just a little modern and a little relaxed, which I think suits the patchwork style quite nicely.

Maybe you can see the detail a little better here?  I really like how the quilting turned out!

My cousin Jessi and her husband Danny were married in August 2009, and a year and a half later, we sent them their wedding quilt!  We are now part of the proud tradition of quilters who finish a wedding quilt after the first anniversary.  It happens.  Late or not, I hope they enjoy their quilt.  They've been together for over ten years already, since they were in high school, so married or not, they have more than earned it.

In other news, I've started crocheting!  It is a confusing sort of fun.  I will post photos once my work stops looking so beginner-ish to my eye.  Now that I have a use for it, I can justify one day learning to spin yarn!  Oh boy...


  1. I adore the way that was quilted!! Mmm chocolate.

  2. Thanks, Sarah! I much prefer wonky to precise now, for both the ease of execution and the overall look.

  3. The quilt looks great. I'm with you on preferring wonky...