Thursday, January 27, 2011


I haven't made a quilt, start to finish, since Elvie's quilt last May.  Who am I?!  I've been focusing so much on Owlette that quiltmaking has taken a backseat.  Apologies to friends and friend-babies who are expecting a quilt from me--it'll be a while!

Contained herein are several patchwork-related works-in-progress in varying states of [in]completion.

Scraps from bonnet- and bloomer-making.  I intend to use these for my hexagon index quilt, but but the rest are for some undetermined scrap quilt project.  Suggestions?

Aren't pre-cuts glorious?  I have two of these Hello Betty 1.5" strip sets that I intend to combine with this odd taupe-ish solid in order to make a Trip Around the World quilt.  Just imagine!  It's going to be quite nice... one day.

I began piecing several blocks improvisationally, with the intention of making them into place mats or pillows or a table runner or something.  To be honest, I am a lover of planning and organization, and this project was neither of those things.  So until I can figure out how to plan spontaneity, these blocks are on hold!

Right now I am battling an overwhelming urge to piece my little heart out.  Do you ever get into sewing/crafting moods?

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