Wednesday, March 30, 2011

postage stamp.

Here it is!

All these feedsacks ended up here, and I think they look downright sweet all together!  This is a custom quilt for a lady in Indiana.  She chose the pattern and wanted feedsacks paired with white.

My mom and I worked on it together, although I must say she did most of the work.  I was in town for a weekend and functioned as her sous chef: cutting, ironing, arranging, subcutting, and occasionally seam-ripping.  I think she and I make a good team.

Here's a detail photo of the top before basting and quilting.  The quilt measures 40.5" by 49", and contains 891 total 1 1/2" squares!  I hope it is well-loved in its new home.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

little bitty

Does it seem to you that feedsacks are getting harder to find?  Reproduction feedsacks I mean.  It just seems that shops these days are cutting back.  And I happen to love these tiny little prints!

They are so cheerful.  Pictured above: elephants playing croquet, babies riding ducks (or geese?), cats playing the piano, and all manner of sweet little florals and geometrics.

These fabrics are being made into a very sweet, very intricate baby quilt at the moment.  Photos of the pieced top to follow!

Oh, a question for you, dear reader:  Can you recommend a good source for buying [reproduction] feedsacks online?

Sunday, March 13, 2011

45mm of Fury: A Cautionary Tale

I don't recall quite how it happened, but here's how it ended:

Beware the new blade!  I didn't feel anything at first but knew I nicked myself (oh, what a nick!) because I watched my hand bump into the rotary cutter.  When I inspected the damage, blood was dripping down my wrist and I could see inside my skin.  I know, sick right?!

Notions for my fellow accident-prone, blade-wielding seamsters:
Got any gruesome rotary cutting tales to share?  Comment with your story or a link!!

    Thursday, March 10, 2011

    Cool Cottons love

    PORTLAND.  It is home to my favorite octogenarian AND my favorite fabric shop!  What more can you ask for in a city?  I recently flew to Portland to celebrate my Grama Dona's 80th birthday, and made the customary visit to Cool Cottons on SE Hawthorne.

    Behold, the spoils:

    Okay.  I've said it before: I love this shop, and in case you need convincing, I took some photos!  Looking them over, I find myself wishing I could board a plane to PDX today just to be among the bolts.

    I love that the shop is organized and uncluttered!  There seems to be a gene shared by most fabric store owners which compels them to amass great piles of junk and present them as though they were salable.  Pam and Marie don't seem to carry that gene, and it makes for a most pleasant and inspiring visit.

    If you keep up with my blog you know that much of my sewing in the past year has been for Owlette and not for the heck of it.  Well, sometimes it is enough just to shop for fabric.  I actually bought exclusively for my personal stash at Cool Cottons, which hasn't happened in many months.

    When my mom and I arrived in Nashville, our first order of business (before eating dinner, naturally) was to show my dad our new fabric.  My mom joked that now her stash really was too big, to which my dad replied, "Well if it's nice fabric that you like, there's no such thing as too much."  Correct!!

    Pictured below is the cutting area, and to the left under the window you'll find tons and tons of shot cottons, including stripes!

    I am not certain but I believe Cool Cottons stocks nearly every solid shot cotton there is--at least enough to where you won't miss the ones they don't carry.

    If you can't tell, this is my Happy Place.  Cool Cottons, you're the best!