Sunday, March 13, 2011

45mm of Fury: A Cautionary Tale

I don't recall quite how it happened, but here's how it ended:

Beware the new blade!  I didn't feel anything at first but knew I nicked myself (oh, what a nick!) because I watched my hand bump into the rotary cutter.  When I inspected the damage, blood was dripping down my wrist and I could see inside my skin.  I know, sick right?!

Notions for my fellow accident-prone, blade-wielding seamsters:
Got any gruesome rotary cutting tales to share?  Comment with your story or a link!!


    1. Yikes! Hope you're patched up. I've done that too! You're brave to take a pic. This wknd I had an incident involving my plastic ruler on my wood floor and me sailing through the air like I slipped on a banana peel. Dangerous business this quilting thing.

    2. Hi Leslie! Well, I always told myself that I would take a picture in the event of a rotary disaster, and luckily my accident wasn't too bad. I like the ruler/banana peel image. Dangerous business indeed!

    3. You are not the only one who has cut yourself. I thought cutting aluminum foil for my DD's princess party for some wands. And was in a hurry, forgot to move my index finger out of the way. Oops. Sliced off the edge. A trip to the ER to get the bleeding stopped. And now no fingerprint on that edge of my finger. Enjoyed reading your blog.