Wednesday, March 30, 2011

postage stamp.

Here it is!

All these feedsacks ended up here, and I think they look downright sweet all together!  This is a custom quilt for a lady in Indiana.  She chose the pattern and wanted feedsacks paired with white.

My mom and I worked on it together, although I must say she did most of the work.  I was in town for a weekend and functioned as her sous chef: cutting, ironing, arranging, subcutting, and occasionally seam-ripping.  I think she and I make a good team.

Here's a detail photo of the top before basting and quilting.  The quilt measures 40.5" by 49", and contains 891 total 1 1/2" squares!  I hope it is well-loved in its new home.


  1. I love your quilt. I see a few of my favorite fabrics in here :)

  2. ha meant to say "in there" not "here". Sorry.

  3. Very pretty postage stamp quilt! Nice bright colors.

  4. Way to go with the 30's fabrics! A very pretty quilt. :)