Wednesday, February 13, 2013

hand applique!

Here it is! Oh, if I could, I would spend most of the winter months reverse-appliqueing sorta-circles like this. All over the place.

This was just a quick composition... well, the composition was conceived quickly, but executed slowly, stitch by tiny blind stitch. I would like to have more elements in the aqua negative space, but in the interest of time, limited myself to what you see here. Still, I think it's pretty successful! I especially like the pink-on-pink triangles. That is a block print carved and printed by yours truly, last spring semester. I dyed all of the fabric by hand, too. Behold, the freaky lighting change:

The pink egg and bar shapes are appliqued in reverse, meaning they sit below the aqua fabric. The orange bars and circular shape are appliqued on top of the background. I really enjoy this process. It is slow, but it produces handsome results. There is something mysteriously appealing about meticulous work.

This piece's true color lies somewhere in between these two photos, but the institutional lighting in my studio combined with my sorry lack of Photoshop skills mean that you must use your imagination. Sorry! Woof, that's bad. Anyway, tiny tiny stitches, look! This reminds me, I need to find more John James golden eye needles...

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