Friday, March 8, 2013

thanks, bees!

As you might have read, my gentleman friend is a beekeeper with three hives. A few months ago, he got into one hive and harvested a bit of comb for me. The bees have begun filling it with honey, but have not started in on the larvae. 

How pretty! I intend to use the wax for soapmaking. There isn't enough honey here to save, but I can't bear to eat it all yet! It's the most fantastic thing I've ever tasted. I didn't know honey could taste so good and complex. 

I like how the hexagons appear as tumbling blocks when you look through the comb. You can also get a sense for just how fragile the wax is by the light shining through!

These photos were taken at my school, which is in the middle of the woods. It's quite lovely. In the winter, we can see the lake through the trees. Thanks, bees, for making such pretty and useful stuff!

Friday, March 1, 2013

midterms are upon us...

...and all around the Craft Center, cries of "DAMMIT!" can be heard. I am working steadily on this wall hanging for Surface Design. With 15 different screens, most printed a couple to dozens of times, I might have overdone it. But I want to have a finished piece I am proud of, so here I am, working til the wee hours yet again! I'll photograph the final thing once it's done and graded.

A detail of one of my screens, with my wall full of fabric 'sketches' in the background.