Saturday, April 6, 2013


If you are living in the Northern Hemisphere of Planet Earth, you are hopefully emerging from what felt like the longest winter in the history of the world. (Apart from the Ice Age, but nevermind that.) Today was finally warmish, and I noticed this on my front porch:

My mint is beginning to grow back. Last summer, I yanked a big handful of mint from an overgrown patch at my school, and after neglecting it in a jar of water for far too long, finally planted it. It struggled along through the summer months, and finally succumbed to the double winter that seems to be leaving us. Hooray! I know mint is hardy, but I am still surprised to see it grow back after such a rough start. Hopefully it will do its minty thing and shoot up with a vengeance, so I can start making all manner of wonderful mint iced teas...

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