Monday, January 6, 2014

winter is happening.

It's happening! Winter--in January. (If you're in the northern hemisphere, that is. But enough with the details!) I didn't really understand what winter was all about until I spent a few years living in Indiana. We have it pretty easy here in Tennessee.

stopped off in Alexandria, TN
I awoke this morning to 60 degree weather and a windy day. The only precipitation I could detect came in the form of wayward puzzle pieces.

the weather in Smithville, TN
Worry not, snowbound friends! By the end of the day, the temperature had dropped 45 degrees, and then snow, and then ice. Hooray.

Mary Xmas
I hope you have a sweet animal friend to keep you warm! I am grateful for mine. Since I will be ensconced in this ice palace all of tomorrow, I guess I'll use the snow day to photograph more soap for my Etsy shop, and maybe work in some fun with ceramics. How about you--any snow day plans?